TLC Doula Group

We are a group of like-minded doulas working together to provide education, guidance and when your time comes – emotional and physical support to you and your family. We seek to reconnect you with your body’s wisdom and the essential emotional support of a clan of birthing people during pregnancy, labor and birth. We provide full spectrum non-judgmental doula support for all your needs. TLC is the oldest doula cooperative in Houston with over 85 years experience in Women's Health.

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The Doulas

Labor Enabler

"Kathleen is a founding member of TLC Doula Group, owner of Labor Enabler™ Doula Services and Co-Owner of Rebel Birth Education and Resource Haven. She has been a doula since 2003. She has not only taken several doula trainings, but is the founder of the Labor Enabler Doula Apprenticeship Program. Kathleen loves working in all environments and with all care providers to ensure her clients have their best possible birth."

The Painted Doula

"Joli has helped hundreds of families since 2012 when she began her journey as a doula with an apprenticeship with Kathleen Wilson. She co-authored Rebel Birth Child Birth Education and co-founded Rebel Birth Education and Resource Haven and is the owner of The Painted Doula. She loves to facilitate communication between her clients and their providers, in and out of the hospital, easing the process for all involved. To her, doula work isn’t a job, it’s an art form. Additionally Joli provides beautiful placenta prints she makes herself!"


"Stephi is the owner of the Family Prep Doula Co. She has been a doula since 2013. She has completed numerous doula trainings, expanding her skill set every chance she gets, and is currently learning from some of the most experienced doulas in Houston. Stephi loves working with parents who break the mold and grow their families on their own terms."

**She was also my very own doula and I love her very much!**

RadLove Doula

"Rachel is the owner of RadLoveDoula and has been supporting clients through their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum experiences since 2012. She has a master’s degree in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies from The Ohio State University and carries over a decade’s worth of experience teaching in higher education on topics related to gender studies, reproductive health & sex education. She values evidence-based research, supports informed consent and is skilled in many labor support techniques including rebozo, acupressure, and aromatherapy."

Maximum Doula Services

"Max is the owner of Maximum Doula Services. He supported his first family through pregnancy in 2021. He is a certified advanced doula, trained through the apprenticeship program with Labor Enabler. They have also completed training from: Spinning Babies, American Heart Association (Basic Life Saver for medical professionals), emergency childbirth prep, college level anatomy and physiology courses, queer specific childbirth education, and more. They have a professional and educational background in body work. They love leveraging their training and calm demeanor to positively impact people’s lives and health outcomes. They identify as a transmasc, nonbinary human and use they/he pronouns.".

Prenatal and Post Partum Workers

Nurture & Nourish

"Hannah is a certified birth and postpartum doula, specializing in infant care as well as prenatal and postpartum meals. As the owner of Nurture&Nourish Doula and Postpartum Meal Service, Hannah is very passionate about caring for new families as they find their own groove with parenting so they feel confident in responding to their baby’s unique needs and finding a care plan that works for the whole family. Her passion for birth began in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2011, where she studied the local and global sociology of birth with Danish midwives. Hannah is also a certified Infant Feeding Specialist from birth to 12 months of age. In recognizing a need for more personal care for new birthing people and their families, Hannah finds joy in creating custom care plans and preparing fresh and nutritious meals during pregnancy and post-birth, because you deserve to be nurtured, too."

Milk & Mom

"My name is Kellye Skaer and I’m an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant/ IBCLC. I’m passionate about the whole mom, the whole baby, and the intricate relationship that begins between the both of you in the early days through feeding and connection. I help moms every day through breast & bottle feeding, struggles & victories, and have a unique passion for families walking through tongue and lip ties. I am a wife and mom first, with seven incredible children that bring me a ton of joy even as teenagers. I’m thrilled for the new office space and a chance to continue investing heavily in connecting to the birth community."